You have understood it, with the association Cap François, the actors of tourism of the commune of François were in the spotlight. .

This Friday, March 4, 2016, it is a gastronomic tourism that distilled local scents and flavors around the City Eucalyptus.

Under the leadership of José Laupa, Manager of the Spice Route, and one of the instigators of this event, the launch of the event.

The tour of the good Franciscan tables was given at theoda Caterer. .

It was gastronomic, it was acoustic, it was good.

Back in pictures.


There were more than a hundred of you who responded to the invitation from Cap Francis.

Comfortably installed under tents dressed in their white garments and diffusing this subdued light

in bright colours, you revel in all the pleasures that have been served to you on and off the table.

Starting with the welcome cocktail offered by l'Habitation Clément.

If your cocktail consumption has been moderate, alcohol abuse being dangerous to your health, on the other hand,

vous ne vous êtes pas privés des visages et sourires radieux de nos deux charmantes hôtesses. Comme on vous comprend ! How well we understand you!

The desire to stay by their side was not lacking, that said, our organizers had planned everything so as to avoid any bottlenecks.

in this very attractive space, to say the least. Other pleasures were indeed on the menu that evening.


Among other things, pleasures that set the rhythm of your evening, full of nuances and elegance, served by the musical formation Bwa Kann.

This one has indeed watered you with jazzy sounds that amateurs and connoisseurs have greatly appreciated.

Speaking of connoisseurs, at one of the tables we recognize, in very charming company,

Christian Boutant (1er plan on the left), SACEM Regional Delegate, Société des Auteurs Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique.

He seems very wise...

Until José Laupa came to his table, who, obviously, gave the musician (or dancer?)

that had been dormant inside him since the beginning of the evening, the opportunity at last! to express himself openly.

However, we were unable to identify the artistic style he proposed to his table neighbours.

We'll think about asking him during the next Festival Biguine Jazz, an unmissable event.

of Martinique's cultural calendar, which he initiated.

As for José Laupa, he would have received, for the time of this evening, the precious gift of ubiquity, 

at the table of Mr. Boutant, that at the side of his comrades of the association FAR (Franciscans and Found Friends),

but also in great conversation with the lovely lady in red and Samuel Rosinet, Manager of Roda Traiteur

whose culinary skills were in the spotlight that night. Holy Jose!


And then, of course, there were you: tourists on holiday, for the most part, and residents.

It should be noted that the first ones particularly appreciated the opportunity that was offered to them, via this evening,

to be at the same table as locals, making a friendly, refreshing, authentic exchange possible.

Your smiles, going as far as to tickle your ears, testified to the success of this first event in the colours of the gastronomic and artistic arts of Le François.


Let's remember that on the menu, there was a question,

for the entry: from melo of smoked chicken to vegetables or wind flight of lambis,

for the hot dish : from farm rooster to lambis OR braised marlin and its sea urchin cream,

for dessert: from guava bavarois OR chocolate mousse.


Enough, indeed, to whet your appetite!

When and where's the next table? To be continued...

Par Barbara Orel