THIERRY DOL au François

« Ou pa sel »

Hundreds of Franciscans from Martinique and beyond greeted with joy on Saturday, November 9 at 3 o'clock their compatriot THIERRY DOL, hostage for 3 years of AQIM in Mali, as if to repeat to him what they had heard several times during a Slam declaimed for his attention: "or pa sel, Thierry nou la épi or". "Kontan ou viré" could still be read on several T-shirts.

Others simply chanted Thierry, Thierry and showed their impatience when the journalists surrounded him a little or when certain personalities had to speak before Thierry, the only one we wanted to see and hear.
After having crossed a hedge of honor marking his passage to the church of Francis he was finally able to be heard by all and he said among other things: "I suffered, but I come out of there stronger and richer. »


Simplicity, humility, courage and self-sacrifice is the image that Thierry Dol gave this Saturday. The way forward for many certainly.