In the neighbourhoods, in the city, in the homes of the inhabitants, as the 25th of December approaches, Christmas markets, hymns or, in the local jargon, the "chanté nwel", are organised, improvised and invite themselves without detour into the cultural landscape of Martinique, cheerfully punctuating the life of its inhabitants.

 The Spice Route has been won over by the euphoria that emanates from this festive atmosphere and offers you, in retrospect, a glimpse of the Christmas Market organised on Friday 19 December 2014 by the Town of Le François, in partnership with the associations and the Hotel and Catering section of the Lycée Polyvalent La Jetée in the commune. It was the second edition of "Christmas in the City".

"Christmas in the City" begins at the entrance to the town, with the lights welcoming the users of the Martienne roundabout. We let ourselves be picked. We let ourselves be seduced...

The Town Hall has also put on its Christmas colours, and the result is more than convincing.

The Christmas Market is ready to welcome its visitors.

There they are, facing the tents set up on the square, captivated by the show dedicated to them. There were stories, dance and music...

They look very wise, our little toddlers! Maybe they haven't seen Santa Claus yet...

And yet, he's there! He's in rest mode.

It is true that, as he confided to us, the kilometers he had to cover to reach Francis exhausted him!

Clever, Santa Claus! He came with his friends the Goblin and the Little Bear! So, while the latter attract the attention of the Little Ones who don't attend the show, he is quietly strutting around the Square! Clever and strategic, Santa Claus!


Decidedly, this Santa Claus! He has other allies who occupy the children!

The icing on the cake: horseback riding! Too loud, Santa Claus!

But let's leave Santa Claus and his exquisite tricks, and continue our walk in the City. The lights catch our eyes, but not only... Smells come up our nostrils and tickle our taste buds. 

But let's leave Santa Claus and his exquisite tricks, and continue our walk in the City. The lights catch our eyes, but not only... Smells come up our nostrils and tickle our taste buds.

Well, well, well! You can see José Laupa, our Owner Manager of the Spice Route bungalows, sometimes in turbo mode, sometimes in rest mode!


The Spice Route is indeed part of the Cap François association, a dynamic group which brings together the main tourist players in the commune of Le François. José Laupa is an active member, alongside Valérie Raffin, the President.

It's her, Valérie Raffin, with a bakoua hat, typical of the local crafts. It fits her beautifully!

They too, they wear it well, the bakoua hat!

At the Christmas Market, there are also other types of hats. Except those are not for sale. On Jérémy and Roger's stand, there are local fruits and vegetables, straight from the Habitation Bellevue du François.

Giraumons, oranges, gooseberries, bananas, sugar cane, loins and all the others display appetizing shapes and colours!

At Raymond's, we love the kassav' pancakes, made with manioc flour.

Christmas in the West Indies is also about liqueurs. Here, they are dressed in their "calendared heads" and come in a variety of flavours: apricot, ginger, guava, lemon, coconut, cocoa, basil and more!

Decoration ideas, pastries and other flavours continue to awaken the senses on the Cap François stands!

The Little Ones make their own cinema there too, when they're not busy collecting the prizes they've won in the raffle! 


The young students of the Hotel and Catering section of the Lycée polyvalent La Jetée du François show off their know-how with a smile on their face...

when it comes to local food...

but also in terms of sales!

Christmas in the City is also the warm greetings that accompany the traditional Christmas menus.


The Foyers ruraux of the commune were at the rendezvous, with fruit, vegetables and local liqueurs...

but also with toys, handmade dolls... and ambiance!

By the way, speaking of atmosphere, the evening went on until 11pm with the inevitable traditional Christmas carol!


The audience seemed to like it! Including the one who seemed to come from elsewhere...


Here's something to whet your appetite for the upcoming holidays leading up to the New Year!




La Route des Épices

wishes you 

a great holiday season!

Barbara Orel-Balata