Did you know that? At Le François, in the Morne Pitault district, in Saint Roch, about 10min by car from the villas and bungalows of La Route des Epices, nestles a true sanctuary of well-being: Eden Paradise Spa.

How do you get there? Leaving the village of François, take the direction of Lamentin-Fort de France. Then, at the roundabout of four crossroads, take the ramp on the right. Just a few meters later, on your left, this sign will show you the way to go..

 As soon as you arrive, nature opens its doors to you, already suggesting calm and serenity.

The wellness house is slowly but surely being tamed. It is located in the heart of nature, where you can hear the birds singing, the wind whistling, the trees dancing.

Decidedly, beauty nestles everywhere in this corner of paradise that lives up to its name! The radiant smile of Lisiane, the Mistress of the place, welcomes us with kindness.

Then she tells us... On December 2, 2014, she celebrated the Spa's second anniversary. She tells us about the faithful allies of her success: willpower, perseverance, faith in oneself and in the divine being, authenticity. She then reveals her crossbreeding, at the crossroads of India and Martinique. It is this mix of origins, this marriage of cultures, as well as her parents' travels through France, Indonesia, and particularly Pondicherry (a city in South-East India), without forgetting Martinique, that inspired her to create this project. And then, she confides to us, when you have "the soul of the Spa", the rest follows naturally... Let's talk about the rest.

At Eden Paradise Spa, among the various services available, customers particularly appreciate massages. Although they can be done solo or in duo, it is the latter formula, in couple, that is the most successful. It must be said that all the conditions are in place for these moments to be moments of pure happiness.

In one of the cabins, with nature as a witness, the ritual of tropical rain takes place. As Lisiane says: "We love it, we join in ! ». This one includes a scrub with Black Orchid Flower. But that's not all !

The ritual continues with a passage under the waterfall shower, with this wooden bucket that keeps the water at room temperature. "Excellent for tonicity! ", says Lisiane.


Just in front of the waterfall shower, a bathtub, almost perched among the trees, unfolds all its charms with its wooden structure. Inside, a warm water, enriched with essential oils and decorated with flower petals, will delight all your senses. You will even be able to have tea there!


We won't forget to mention that, after filling in a questionnaire evaluating your physical and emotional state, you can let yourself be pampered with a personalized massage, with the Black Orchid or the Bird of Paradise flower. Yes, definitely, "we love it, we adhere! ». 

The tropical rain space...

The journey to the heart of Eden continues, if you wish, in flavours. By ordering the day before your stay in paradise, you have the possibility, after your massage, to eat on the spot. The catering service, dispatched by the house, will provide you with a choice of Thai or Creole sushi. As for nature, it will continue to rock you with its musical instruments.

What surprise could still be in store for us at the Eden Paradise Spa?

A closer look reveals a little corner that rhymes with tranquillity and serenity, where an enchanting and enchanting dialogue with the most affable environment can easily be established. At nightfall - the Spa closes its doors at 7pm - a luminous ball will bring a romantic touch to this exceptional moment.

Whether it is under the previous ajoupa or elsewhere, spaces that invite rest, relaxation, and even poetry and romanticism, this is not what is missing at Eden Paradise Spa. Moreover, Lisiane remembers with wonder the proposal of marriage that took place under the roof of her Paradise some time ago. On the occasion of a stay in Eden, a man let himself be carried away by the magic of the place and made his proposal, impromptu, to his girlfriend with whom he had been living for 10 years already... Wow!

At Eden Paradise Spa, there is also the possibility of going to the hammam - excellent for eliminating waste from the body, Lisiane tells us -, aquabiking and beauty treatments of all kinds...

Whether for body or facial care, the company uses the "Five Worlds" brand, renowned for its great spas around the world. A range of products that our charming Spa Manager is particularly fond of, as they embody the spirit of travel - across the five continents - and also because they remind him of the products from home in Martinique, from papaya to hibiscus, grapefruit and all the others.

For more information, you can either go on site, at the Quartier Saint Roch, Morne Pitault or go to the website :


                   We wish you a pleasant stay in Paradise!


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Thanks to Lisiane for her welcome.